Executive Photoshoot Package for Entrepreneurs

Lean On Him Consulting has a goal to invest into small business owners who are serious about enhancing their brand, and are highly skilled at what they do for their clientele. Want to win a photoshoot gift voucher? Complete our questionnaire below to see if you qualify! (Reg. Price. $2,400.00)

Win Photoshoot Gift Voucher

You See A Nice




For those who qualify, LOHC will include our professional photoshoot over 30 proofs, 2 outfit changes, and 7 enhanced photos. Because want to add value to serious business professionals, we also include 1hr business strategy session, 1 full page ad in our magazine, the "Workshop Appetizer", and enter for a chance to win a front cover feature one of our upcoming issues. See if you qualify today. 


Meet our Vendors

For many of our clients, this will be there very first professional photoshoot experience. Therefore, to make the process easier, we have a team of vendors provide a variety of services such as makeup, image consulting, styling, clothing, accessories, and more. On occasion, we also bring in catering services to enjoy great appetizers while you are receiving your professional photoshoot. Feel free to contact and book their services below prior to the photoshoot. You may also secure their services on site as well.


Make Up Artist

Juliet Anyagafu

Pre-book Juliet's services before our next photoshoot or retouch on the day of. Contact for more details.

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Catering Service

The Wright Flavor

Need a great catering service? LOHC highly recommends using the services of The Wright Flavor.

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Barber Services

Forsake Knot Upscale Barber

Pre-book your barber services before our next photoshoot. Schedule session here.

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Special Thanks To Our Sponsors

Meet me &


mrs. vickie shorts

Vickie Shorts is known as a thought leader by many due to her bold and useful advice on personal, financial and business issues. After 30 years of being in the service industry and corporate America, Vickie reached a new level in life and acquired a passion for travel.  She desired to shift her life to one of fun, freedom and fulfillment by meeting new friends, traveling to new destinations and creating new adventures around the world. Her passion inspired her to create Meet Me & Travel, an exclusive membership travel club. Meet Me & Travel is a platform to bring together a community of travelers who are brought together by their love for travel, checking off their bucket list, creating memories and having great travel experiences.



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